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If you ever have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Referral links help us both!

Share MailerLite with your friends and they’ll get a $20 credit when they sign up. If they end up upgrading, you’ll get a $20 credit too.

Everybody wins!

This site is also FREE to use for up to 1k subscribers and 12k emails a month!

Be sure to use my link so we can both enjoy perks as we grow!!


Simple Health Fix w/ $10 Credit

Get $10 off your visit!
Use code "SHELLYW972392" at checkout

This site/app is fast and legit. I have used them a few times to treat small ailments and allergies as well as get birth control.

They assist in many things from anxiety, hot flashes, sinus infections, E.D., insomnia and more. If they can't help your visits FREE!  

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